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I absolutely love your work!! I was wondering, do you animate on photoshop as well? I know its possible, but I also heard its very difficult. Im trying to find ways to create animations once I am done with school and no longer have access to all dem fancy tools~


Thanks so much! I do animate in photoshop. As a person who knows a billion PS keyboard shortcuts I actually feel like it’s a far easier option, but it all depends. Learning how to do new things in a program is almost always intimidating.

I use a free pluggin called AnimDessin, which gives you a lot of tools you can find in flash (onion skinning, copy frame, new frame.) It requires CS6 or CC. The creator Stephane Baril has tutorial videos on his vimeo which are helpful (and is in general a very cool person.) 

Here are some progress shots of how I do things:
Work space (full size)imageRough anim (I tend to do very basic roughs unless it’s something i’m not sure will work.)Finished!

If I’m working on a film, anything with sound, or anything longer than 10 seconds I also edit in premiere. I use some other programs for minor things and effects, but those are the main ones.

All said, everyone just has to find what’s right for them. I know animators who just like to go paper/light board/scanner, and some who just have one program they’re really into. I can’t vouch for programs I haven’t used, so I all I can really say is give everything a chance, download free trials, and figure out what works for you.

I also know over 10 people who animate in photoshop and I don’t think any of them use the same technique to animate! Lots of ways to do things. My way is a little complicated at first, but very tidy and fast for me. 

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